Gumwand - Chewing Gum Removal

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  • No trailing leads

  • No generator required – silent operation

  • Over 700 gum deposits destroyed per hour!

  • £5 per hour to operate – that's under 1p per piece of gum

  • Completely portable

  • No time lost setting up – instant steam

  • No need to close off any public area's






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Gumwand – Revolutionary Portable Solution for Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum removal is a major headache for local authorities, schools, universities, transport hubs and facilities managers. Before Gumwand, the available high pressure washing and steam solutions were expensive, bulky, noisy, disruptive, inefficient and not particularly environmentally friendly. But now there is a much better, more practical solution for chewing gum removal.

In seconds Gumwand transforms unsightly gum into a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging the underlying surface. All thanks to our unique sugar beet based detergent and the Gumwand lance.

We at Gumwand having been in the gum removal business ourselves for several years. We had experienced first-hand all the problems associated with conventional chewing gum removal solutions. We knew there must be a better way and so we invented it!

The Gumwand chewing gum removal system is already being used in the UK and around the world by local authorities, venues, transport hubs and contract cleaners. Check out our videos to see for yourself why Gumwand is the perfect solution to your gum removal needs.

Gumwand Simple Solution to a Sticky Problem

The Gumwand is lightweight and totally portable. It is a state of the art gum removal machine with a built in vaporiser.

The Gumwand contains a small LPG canister, a built in reservoir for the cleaning solution, a rechargeable battery and our clever little pump. The battery powers the pump, which injects the cleaning fluid into the vaporiser at a rate around 3ml per second. The LPG powers the heating unit built into this lightweight machine.

The whole unit is easily manoeuvred on its wheels meaning no strain on the operator's arm or a requirement to carry anything. A nylon brush is also available for indoor use on carpets and tiles (perfect for pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres, casinos, schools and colleges).

The Proprietary Gumwand cleaning solution is derived from totally natural and sustainable sources and is ph neutral. It instantly turns discarded gum into powder, which leaves no residues.

Gumwand is eco-friendly

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